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Working Professionals


I recently had a session with Rebecca.  I dabble in yoga and meditation, but this session was something new to me.  It was a combination of both, in a a relaxing, candle lit setting with soft, meditative music.  Rebecca gently put me in different yoga positions that clearly were thought out as she listened to my body and what it needed.  

When the session ended, I felt like I was in a different realm.  I was relaxed and stress free.  Rebecca took the time to speak with me over tea about what she assessed during our session.  She has worked to learn about this area across the world and it showed both in the session and afterwards.  Thank you Rebecca!

--Margie T.

Bridal Parties


Like any bride 24 hours out from the big day, I had a million things going through my mind, but thanks to Becca's coaching, I was able to center my thoughts and for one hour relax, let that anxious energy go and just enjoy the moment.  The stretching, breathing techniques and positive mantras were all so calming and provided a comforting feeling.  To top off this amazing treatment, Becca provided me with a treat bag at the end.  The bag included items from our session such as a candle, chocolate, hot tea from a local vendor and instructions on how to focus my thoughts again if the wedding weekend became a little hectic.  

     The thought and detail that goes in to planning and prepping for these sessions is something Becca excels at.  It is so clear that she wants every client to have a wonderful experience and leave feeling like a better version of themselves.  She truly has a gift and I feel so lucky that she was able to provide me with such a unique gift before walking down the aisle.  If you're in the Nashville area, please go see her!  You will not be disappointed!

--Suzanne J.

Stress relief before donning her bridal gown. 

Mothers of young children

Mallory with her beautiful family.  One hour private sessions help her renew and stay energized.

As a busy mother of two young children, I often forget to slow down and take care of myself.  My daily routine an wear me down and stress me out, and sometimes I feel like I can hardly continue to function.  However, whenever I have the privilege of doing a session with Rebecca, I come away with a renewed sense of calm, self worth, and invigoration.  

Her multifaceted approach to self renewal and rejuvenation is unlike any other experience- more relaxing than a massage, more stress relieving than mere meditation or a yoga session.  She manages to incorporate many different techniques to fully restore my tired mind and body, and leaves me feeling reset and ready to take on the world.  Best of all, at the end of the session, she provides me with tips and tricks to face my challenges head on with ways to help me care for my mind, body and soul.  

--Mallory D.

First session includes Spirit Satchel


Receive a travel meditation kit with your first session so you can continue your practice wherever adventure takes you!  

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What to bring


All you need is your lovely self and comfortable yoga/stretching clothes.  We'll provide everything else!